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Farmridge Pottery

Thank you for visiting Farmridge Pottery

My name is Doug Harris and I am the Potter and Owner at Farmridge Pottery.


e-mail is farmridgepottery@icloud.com
I have two locations:

My Barn in Pickins, SC and my Raleigh, NC location at 5606 Farmridge Rd.


I’m not able to post a phone number just yet – give me some time to do that.  For now, I’m just a one person shop throwing functional stoneware art and posting to the store as the kiln runs produce good stuff.  I can be found Bi-Monthly Saturdays at the Midtown Farmers Market in Raleigh and every Saturday at The Easley, SC Farmers Market Downtown
from 8:00 A.M to 12:00 Noon

The stoneware clay bodys I use is of the highest quality.  I use three different types of clay (currently).  I mix my own body which is a slight modification from an old standby by a potter called Jeff Zamek (most potters know who that is) and I also use two clay bodies as per Standard Ceramics.  One is their clay body #378, which is a dark brown clay and the other is their #192 which has been around for a long long time.  I fire between cone 6 and 10 and usually at cone 8, in oxidation, and I make all the glazes here in the shop unless otherwise noted on the description.

Take a look at the store. 

Thanks again for stopping by !

Doug Harris